Open Source Centurion-CD Management Software

Obtain OptioCD Source Files

The source Files for OptioCD can be obtained from Source Forge


Download the Tarball and untar into required software directory
The folder should look like this on viewing

Installation Files

Access the Terminal or Console and navigate to directory were the files were extracted too.
Run the following command to setup software for your system "sudo ./setup".
This is the display of a successful installation

Successful Installation

Once successfully installed, OptioCD can be started from the Terminal or Console by typing "optiocd" in the install directory. Alternately a shortcut can be created and placed on the desktop. Include in the program is a graphic for this shortcut icon. On the first start of OptioCD the following dialogs will be displayed to setup you individual CenturionCD hardware

First Run

This is telling the user that the "century_cd_data" file is not present.
The program will now display this window while it looks for attached CenturionCD units.


On location of CenturionCD units the program will ask the user to label the attached unit or units.

unit naming

Once all units are named the program will be displayed.
You have successfully installed OptioCD on your Computer.